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Friday, 20 May 2011

The Foreign Star, "Bhindeshi Tara". Timetravel with Timeless Music....(lyrics & English translation)

"Ohhhh"... yes that was the exact expression  i had today.. while returning home from work.

It was quite an interesting ponder session or should i say flashback. Its quite funny that certain music can send you to time travel.

I was driving back home while i came across trafficjam, ugh no big dealio these days if You're living in city. At first i thought okay another 5 minutes halt.

5 minutes turned to 10 minutes, 10 turned to 15.. The whole situation was making my mood for the weekend absolutely cranky.

I needed something to change this whole negative state of mind, so i switched off the FM & turned on my stereo.

Now it was quite awhile since I've listened to Stereo in the car. The choice has been always FM.

Then this song plays - a sudden 180 degree change of my mood. I listened the song & then again i go back & played it, and then again i played it...

So here's the song which literally translates to "Foreign Star".

Here is the bengali lyrics of this song, I've tried to translate it below for those who doesn't understand Bengali. Its such a beautiful song. Thats the least i could do.

Bhindeshi Tara
Amar bhindeshi tara akaa rateri akashe
Tumi bajale aktara amar chilekotahr pashe
Thik shondhe namar mukhe
Tomar naam dhore keu daake
Mukh lukiye kaar buke tomar golpo bolo kaake
Amar raat jaga tara tomar onno parae bari
Amar bhoy pawa chehara ami adote anari

Amar akaash dekha ghuri kichu mitthe bahaduri
Amar chokh bedhe dao alo dao shanto shitol pati
Tumi mayer moto bhalo ami aklati poth haati

Amar bichiri ak tara tumi nao na kotah kaan e
Tomar kisher ato tara
Rasta paar hobe shabdhane

Tomar gaye lagena dhulo
Amar dumutho chal chulo
Rakho shorir haat e jodi aar jol makho dui haat e
Pls ghum hoye jao chokhe amar mon kharaper rat e

Amar raat jaga tara amar akash choya bari
Ami paina chute tomay amar akla laage bhari.

Please let me know, if somebody come up with better translation, I'd be happy to be corrected. =)

Here's my attempt to translate the song:

My foreign star...
Alone in the night sky
You played the ektara (an instrument with 1 string)
Right next to my house
Just before sunset
Someone calls out your name
On whose chest do you hide your face
Whom do you tell your tale?
My sleepless star
Your house is in another neighbourhood
My scared face
I am nothing but a fool

I look at the sky
With false pride.
Close my eyes with light
Give me a peaceful, soothing mat
You are as good as a mother
But I travel all alone
My ektara is out of tune
And you don't listen to a word I say
What is your hurry
Watch your steps while crossing the road.

The dust don't touch you
The two morsels of food on my plate
Place your hands on my body
And smear your hands with water
Please become the sleep in my eyes
On my depressed night
My sleepless star, your sky touching house
I cannot reach you, I feel so lonely all alone.

That's it - simple. Yet deep.

Then the traffic started to move on. But i have long since not bothered to keep track of time, i guess that is what it feels like to time travel.=) Don't know how Marty Mcfly felt Lol.

A few moment of traffic jam & then you are confronted with such a timeless melody.

Anyway, i hope you listen to it and enjoy as much as i did. You can even go to my Youtube Channel & listen to it there.

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So long, Adios.


  1. Thanks! :)
    For the translation of the Bhindeshi tara... I was searching for them.
    Indeed a beautiful song!

  2. Mantarang Thanks for stopping by.

  3. i luv dis song but i enjoyed it more aft i understood the meaning...... vry comforting

    1. I'm glad that you liked it Agnes, thanks for stopping by. =)

  4. Can you please translate 'muthor rumal' and other songs from the movie.. i really like them.

  5. All soul-touching Bengali songs need translation.

  6. Just changed the translation a bit..

    O my star from a foreign land...
    Lonely in the night sky
    You played the ektara (an instrument with 1 string)
    Right next to my terrace
    Just at the point of dusk
    Someone calls out your name

    Whose chest do you hide your face in?
    Whom do you share your stories with?
    O My sleepless star
    Your house is in a neighbourhood away from mine
    My face is scary and
    I am nothing but a fool

    All I have is a kite which looks at the sky
    and some stories of false courage
    Blindfold my eyes with light
    And give me a peaceful, soothing mat
    You are as loving as a mother
    and I trudge the streets alone

    My horrible ektara (said lovingly)
    You don't listen to a word I say
    What are you always in your hurry
    Please cross the road safely.

    Dust doesn't dare touch you
    Whereas I just have two morsels of food on my plate
    If you place your hands on my body
    And smear your hands with water
    Please turn into the sleep in my eyes
    On my nights of depression
    Oh My sleepless star, your house so big that it touches the sky
    I cannot even touch you,
    And I feel so alone.

  7. "You are as good as a mother"
    How the girl friend like a mother..!! plz explain me.From long time i am looking for answer..TIA

    1. when u lie in your mother's lap, you experience peace, get free from all tensions, When your mother caresses your hair, you fall asleep. nothing so soothing n peaceful like a mothers selfless love.
      The poet in his thoughts is remembering his girlfriend, and seeking comfort in her love. Selfless love that touches the soul. He is in pain and seeks comfort in her love thoughts.
      It's a simile. Hope I was able to explain.

  8. Fabulous..I dont understand Bengali..But love this song..It was soothing to know the meaning of this song.

    Love from IIM Calcutta.